A Council By-Election and that David Cameron EU Speech

A Council By-Election, that David Cameron EU Speech: What’s the Message for Eastleigh?

During the first week of February, a council by-election was held in a little known ward in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF): the Wormholt and White City (WWC) ward. Many people will probably not know where WWC ward is located, or even care. They may also believe that the WWC ward result has no relevance whatsoever for any parliamentary by-election or other parliamentary elections, other than filling a vacant seat on LBHF Council!

Wormholt Park, London W12

The WWC ward has traditionally been a Labour stronghold, and in recent years has always been a three horse race (no horsemeat implication intended), between Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties. Labour historically always edging out Conservative candidates. Well that week, for the first time, the by-election became a six-horse race, and the ward by-election result was interesting. Labour increased its share of the vote to 68% up 7%; Conservatives had 12%, down approx 50%; and Liberal Democrat 10%, down approx 40% of the vote. Continue reading “A Council By-Election and that David Cameron EU Speech”